Protect your organization against impersonation attacks

Authenticate your business for key communications and take control of your identity

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Of phishing attacks use established brand names to build credibility in their messages


Has been stolen due to phishing and spoofing over the past five years


Emails are sent daily by cyber criminals, designed to look like they come from trusted senders


Mutual authentication Mutual Authentication

Secure your communications with two-way authentication and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks through any of your channels.

Use private, single-use sessions to ensure authenticated exchanges between your organization and users. Learn more →

Mutual authentication

Digital Signatures Signature

Prove the authenticity and integrity of your organization's data with public-key cryptography.

Ensure that every message, link, and piece of information relating to your business is unquestionably genuine. Learn more →

Identity Verified Identities

Take control of your online assets by effortlessly verifying ownership of your social media accounts and websites.

With our cryptographic proofs, seamlessly connect your social profiles and websites, establishing indisputable ownership across platforms. Learn more →

Trust network

Conversational Programming Interface API

Integrate our solution in human-to-machine or machine-to-machine conversations with our API.

In an era where information is increasingly delivered by advanced language models, it's crucial for end users to verify and trust sources. Automatically authenticate your organization and sign information within chatbot or LLM responses. Learn more →

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Privacy by design

Using only anonymized data via cryptographic methods, we employ a fundamentally new approach to impersonation attack prevention and therefore do not depend on tracking users and exploiting personal data.

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One identity
Proof anywhere

Centralize your online presence and seamlessly manage all critical user interactions from one platform. With our tamper-proof system, ensure security and trust in every action and communication channel.


Trust Network

Boost your network and strengthen your reputation by connecting with other esteemed organizations. Enhance your visibility and demonstrate to your users that you are endorsed by trusted industry leaders.

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